Australian Post-Tensioning


Mezzanine Floor

Company Australian Post-Tensioning
Industry Construction
Location Hallam VIC
Date October 2020
Client Testimonial
We would happily score the performance a 10. They met our expectations!

Danielle Nanfra
Office Manager

The Problem
- The client had heavy-duty post-tensioning cables that took up valuable ground floor space that couldn't be stored on a standard rack because of how heavy they were. The client was also running out of room for general day to day stock.

The Solution
- Build a mezzanine floor that matched the existing office height to utilize the existing staircase and extend the floor to be used as storage in the store and gate access point for easier transfer of materials.

The Outcome
- Client was able to service his sites in high demand with a fast response of stock because of the increase in storage and increase in stock.