Aussie Adaptors & Hydraulics


Structural Mezzanine System

Company Aussie Adaptors & Hydraulics
Industry Machinery
Location Dandenong VIC
Date August 2022
Client Testimonial
Fantastic experience using Heighton.
They did an awesome job, and I barely knew they were there.
Didn't disturb our day-to-day at all.
Couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Frank Decesare

The Problem
Aussie Adaptors had the problem of running out of storage space with no option to move facility. They had heavy shelving on ground floor that couldn’t be move easily and no more floor space to work with apart from going up.

The Solution
Heighton designed a fit-for-purpose heavy-duty mezzanine system to go over the top of their existing shelving to make use of their wasted air space and convert it into usable storage space. Post locations were a critical aspect of the design so Heighton designed a fit-for-purpose design to minimize post disruption on the ground floor.

The Outcome
As a result, Aussie Adaptors didn’t need to move the facility and they managed to create more floor space and storage space by implementing a mezzanine system.