Atherton Infection Control - Stage 1.

Alphington VIC


Mezzanine with Secured Storage Room
Company Atherton Infection Control - Stage 1
Industry Medical Device
Location Alphington VIC
Date March 2020
Features Installed

– Mezzanine Hoist

– Office Area

– Shelving System

The Problem
- Atherton had an issue with the production staff taking parts that they did not need, and the lost stock was becoming a significant issue.

The Solution
- When Atherton moved to a new facility, they took the opportunity to upgrade their storage area and make this secure. Heighton built a mezzanine area and installed an excellent hoist to put the store area on the first floor and bulk storage/chemical storage on the ground floor.

The Outcome
- Atherton can run the store as a separate business to production. It has given them the ability to load each trolley for each assembly table without the production staff having to pick their parts.