Construction Industry.

Artline Kitchens.

Smeaton Grange NSW


Structural Mezzanine Solution
Company Artline Kitchens
Industry Construction
Location Smeaton Grange NSW
Date April 2022
Features Installed
  • Large Spans between Columns
  • 9 Engineered Concrete Footings
  • 8KPA Load Rating
  • 1.5m Custom Balustrade
  • 3 x Custom Size Lifts with openings on opposite faces set into a lift well to remove the risk of trolleys rolling out

The Problem
- Artline Kitchens were growing and had invested in new machinery, they had a severe space issue and needed somewhere to put finished products awaiting delivery.

The Solution
- Heighton designed and installed a mezzanine over their production area with large spans so columns could be placed strategically to allow machinery to be positioned where required and production lines to operate efficiently. Lifts positioned for ease of movement of materials.

The Outcome
- Artline Kitchens now have a purpose-built mezzanine which created a very open and efficient operating area below, whilst giving a large area for storage of products, areas for new machinery, and creating a cleaner more efficient working environment.