AME Systems


ISO 7 Certified Cleanroom

Company AME Systems
Industry Electronics Manufacturing
Location Ararat VIC
Date June 2023

The Problem
AME Systems was going through a period of substantial growth and needed to increase its capacity to ensure it stayed at the forefront of the industry for sensitive electric manufacturing. With an increased demand for ISO 7-certified assembly areas, AME Systems was running out of space and needed to increase the footprint of ISO areas to fulfill contracts.

The Solution
Heighton assessed the site and carried thru a ‘design engineering review’ to determine the best location and layout of an ISO 7 assembly room. Once the assessment was complete, Heighton designed the cleanroom to ensure its best practice to uphold and that the design was efficient for the operation.

The Outcome
AME Systems is now servicing an expanding market with a unique capability that the industry needs. The quality of the finished product can be guaranteed and certified as an ISO 7 assembled product.