Heighton Mezzanines

mezzanine checklist

Installing a mezzanine floor can be simple for both parties involved. It is quicker and easier than having to relocate your warehouse and can add unforeseen value to your premise. But with all good things comes planning, and there is still careful planning around every well-designed mezzanine.

Although quicker, there are some simple but important steps you can to check off before your installation that will make it easier for you and the company installing your mezzanine. We’ve brought them together for you in an easy to read checklist.

Note: These are processes run by CSS installations. Responsibilities may vary with different companies.

Step One: Plan your stock

Why are you getting a mezzanine in the first place? Yes you are after more space, but have you actually decided what is going on there? And underneath? Will you store larger product that you don’t need to access often or is it going to be shelving with several types of product?

Whatever the case, have it ready to go so that as soon as installation is complete you can load it on straight away and continue with business as per usual.

Step Two: Brief your staff

Ensure that all work staff are aware of the process that’s about to take place and what measures they’ll need to adhere to assist all aspects for a smooth installation.

Step Three: Clear the workspace

Prior to installation, make sure the area is clear of stock and materials. Depending on your situation and location, Central Storage Systems can install a mezzanine around existing stock and machinery but ideally a clear working area is always best and allows for a quick installation.

What we take from your hands

Wondering about the building permit? No worries. If you choose to build with Central Storage Systems they will take the hassle out of permits for you, organising everything behind the scenes.

We organise all materials needed to complete the job effectively. We ensure all engineering of the structural mezzanine complies with Australian Standards, leaving you with a quality mezzanine built from quality structural steel.

Along with organising the materials for the structure, we take care of all delivery to site followed by the installation of the mezzanine by our own professional installation team.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a mezzanine floor then now is the time. A quick installation will provide added value to your premise and more storage to make more money!

See how some of our previous clients benefitted from having mezzanine floors installed in their warehouses.


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