Heighton Mezzanines

Mezzanine Q and A

You have questions, we have answers. Here are the answers to our most commonly asked warehouse mezzanine design and installation questions.

Is it true that I don’t need to move any stock for a mezzanine floor installation?

In most cases, yes that is correct. People often think that installing a mezzanine floor will involve lots of shifting and clearing all of the stock out of the way in order for the installation. False. A mezzanine floor can be installed around existing stock and machinery leaving you at ease. There are instances when your warehouse may need to shift material and stock for the installations but quite often we do installations where the company doesn’t need to clear any stock for the installation.

How many days will an installation take and how much downtime will it incur for my business?

First of all, you don’t need to worry about any downtime for your business! As mentioned above, a mezzanine can be installed around your existing stock allowing your business to continue trading as per normal. Central Storage Systems take control of all permits, and installation from start to finish can be as quick as one days work, with your stock being loaded on the very next day!

Why is it worth spending the money when I may need to move in two years time anyways?

Our Heighton Mezzanines have a modular design allowing them to be fully de-constructed if the time comes to move. The systems are designed to be free standing and do not depend on the structure of the existing building. This means you can easily relocate it to your next warehouse, providing you with a lifetime investment.

I want a mezzanine floor, but is it possible to have some storage underneath too?

Absolutely! If you’re after a mezzanine floor to fill up your ceiling space it doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on making the most of the underneath space. We can install additional racking systems underneath as well to accommodate your business. A previous client had long timber planks so not only did they benefit from the mezzanine floor above for stock, but also had long span shelving installed underneath the mezzanine.

Do mezzanine floors only have stair access? Stairs are inconvenient for the type of stock my company has.

No. Simple. A popular choice for our mezzanine systems is the forklift gate or a mezzanine goods lift. The front of the mezzanine can have a sliding forklift gate for you to lift the larger items up through it from the forklift. A mezzanine goods lift is a simple push button controlled hydraulic. We manufacture mezzanine goods lifts as a way of improving your mezzanine access. These options could save a company thousands of dollars a month in handling times and are a popular choice even if not used all the time, it is good to have that access if you ever need it.

See how one of Central Storage Systems’ clients had a mezzanine floor installed around their existing stock with no downtime caused. Read the case study today.


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