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It’s the question that most successful business owners will eventually face (and possibly dread): Does the set-up of our current premises still suit the needs of our growing business?

If the answer is “No”, the need for imminent change is vital to the continued success of the business. When growth outstrips the capacity of the physical space, it’s time to seriously consider the available options.

Attempting to work above the capacity of your warehouse can impact on productivity, customer service and staff morale; it brings with it a host of issues including the potential damage of stock and equipment along with a range of workplace health and safety issues.

The question is no longer about why you need more floorspace, but how?

You are probably thinking, that’s pretty obvious: we will need to move into a new premises. And that is certainly one option, but it is no longer the only one available to you. An industrial mezzanine system is another excellent option depending on your circumstances.

Move or Mezzanine: Side-by-side Comparison

No Downtime
Low Cost
Fresh Environment
No Stock Disruption
No Crowding
Bigger Space to Grow
Quick Process

Does this surprise you? The benefits of moving premises are generally recognised, but the features of warehouse mezzanine systems are not as widely known.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled an incisive whitepaper containing a summary and side-by-side comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of moving premises or building a mezzanine floor.

Download this free comprehensive report today by clicking the link below.

Free Comprehensive Report


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