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In any workplace, people can forget daily operations if they’ve been in the role for a while. By regularly keeping an eye on these things you will see better outcomes for your workplace and business as it grows. We’ve compiled a short report of things to keep your attention to, in order to keep your workplace enjoyable and safe for everyone involved.

1. Proactively managing warehouse workers

When managing a warehouse, the question that often surfaces is whether warehouse workers should have the choice of which tasks should be handled next, or if it is more appropriate for a higher authority figure to be instructing and allocating tasks.

These questions are becoming increasingly easier with the new technology and electronic management systems being introduced into our warehouses. To further increase your productivity and to avoid awkward authority discussions, implement one of these systems into your warehouse and see how it works for your business. The task management programs give the manager an overview of all tasks, whilst staff can see what tasks were completed yesterday; need to be completed today, tomorrow and for the week.

2. Preventing workplace injury

One of the biggest concerns in our industry is workplace injury. As of 2015, the transport, postal and warehousing industry came in at second highest in Australia for number of fatalities, out of 15 industries! Are these results shocking to you? The most shocking part is that these were probably all preventable.

No one wants injuries in their work place and there are very easy preventative measures to take to ensure no one gets hurt around you. Regular safety checks need to be conducted not ignored. Machinery needs to be regularly serviced and staff need to have regular training so that they aren’t learning bad habits. They need to always be aware of the potential dangers around them.

3. Controlling social media

Many businesses now have social media policies included in job contracts. We’ve all heard of at least one story where an employee has put a video on their Facebook page or on YouTube of a colleague doing something ‘funny’ that has left the business in hot water. Who can remember the Anglesea Postie who did a jump on his bike and put it online? He ended up losing his job and there are many more stories like this.

You need to make sure your staff know what social media policies are in place. You don’t want your business to be represented in ways you have no control of. A good way is to do some training when inducting staff and some training for existing staff too. Some people don’t realise the impacts social media posts can have and by educating your staff about what not to do on social media within the workplace you could be saving yourself from a future PR disaster.

4. Dealing with clients and customers

If you don’t deal with customers every day you can sometimes forget that they are one of the core features to your business’ success. Without customers, most of us wouldn’t have a job to go to. If you’ve been working your way up a company for some time you may not be dealing directly with customers anymore.

It’s crucial to maintain high customer service no matter what your role is in warehouse operations. Always help them out and never make them feel like you have no time for them. Client relationships are important and work best if both sides communicate well.

There are many things that can be done well to uphold smooth operations within your workplace. Always ensure that team members feel valued and are up to date with training and industry practices.

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