Heighton Mezzanines

warehouse design image

The layout of your warehouse can make a huge impact on productivity. Tight spaces and unorganised areas can disrupt operations and cause headaches for everyone. For many of us moving is not an option.

The solution is here. Did you know that you can re-design the layout of you warehouse?

With the right professional advice you can re-design your entire warehouse to reach storage capacities and work efficiencies you’ve never seen before.

Warehouse re-design is a service aimed at increasing efficiency in your warehouse through careful planning and design to benefit your business and the work you do.

Along with re-design, a range of storage solutions can be included to suit your space and products. You may find you can utilise your high ceiling space perfectly with a mezzanine floor, or you have a great area for narrow aisle shelving.

Central Storage Systems has a free e-book available with tips to maximise capacity and achieve full efficiency in your warehouse. Download the e-book to see which option can work best for you.


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