Heighton Mezzanines

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Mezzanine floors are a popular choice for businesses wishing to maximise their existing warehouse floor space by creating storage from empty overhead and roof spaces. Installing a mezzanine avoids the need to rebuild or relocate to a larger premises, but is not without its own challenges.

Two of the biggest hurdles include:

1) Lost productivity or down time
2) The need to move inventory and machinery

Warehouses are vital to the smooth running of your business, and any renovation-related disruptions can lead to massive cost blow-outs. The need to dismantle machinery and move inventory in and out of the warehouse can also lead to expensive delays and potential damage to equipment and stock.

The good news?

The beams being installed around existing stock.
It is now possible to build a mezzanine without having to move a single thing out of your warehouse, and in half the time it takes for equivalent systems to be installed.

The unique design of the Central Storage Systems modular mezzanine means you can continue on with business as usual while your new storage is installed over machinery and stock on the warehouse floor, without costly disruption or delays.

Interiors retailer GlobeWest recently took installation of their new mezzanine, creating an extra 473sqm of floor space with new stock loaded the very next day. With many of their products appearing on the current series of popular Channel 9 program “The Block” (and being sold through the online “Block Store”), GlobeWest needed a mezzanine solution that was quick, easy-to-install and with minimal impact on operations.

That left them with one choice: Central Storage Systems. The modular mezzanine floor was built above their bustling warehouse, while business continued below.

Want to know more? Download our free case study of the GlobeWest installation to discover how you can erect a warehouse mezzanine without having to move a single piece of stock.


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