Mezzanine Office Floor Under Storage Area Image

An mezzanine office floor under a raised storage area can solve the problem of limited operating space. These mezzanines are designed to function very effectively as a dispatch office or other administrative area.

An mezzanine office floor under a storage area is a cost-effective and practical way to maximise the function of your workspace. Using an insulated panel system, our office mezzanine floors are installed fully complete and ready for furnishing with floor coverings, suspended ceiling systems, doors, windows, lighting and electrical installations.

They are a simple and cost-effective way to increase the floor plan of your premises, with minimal interruption to the day-to-day running of the business. This allows for minimal impact to the existing workflow of the industrial space.


Working with Heighton Mezzanines

When you work with Heighton Mezzanines you are working with the best in the biz. Over the years we have specialised in mezzanines and customised storage systems.

Our project management team has the experience required to save time, reduce stress and ensure that your installation is completed effectively and efficiently.

No-one knows mezzanines better than us

  • Unique mezzanine beam profile
  • Professional and efficient project management
  • Install over existing stock with little to no down-time
  • Experts at optimising your space and designing custom solutions
  • Adept at integrating your mezzanines with machinery and other storage systems

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